Monday, August 8, 2011

Tub tales

Jenny was giving Tate his bath the other night and the following exchange took place.

Tate: Mommy, close your eyes.*
Jenny: Um, okay.

Long pause.

T: Okay, open your eyes.

Tate appears to be sitting in the tub, exactly as before.

J: What's up?
T: Okay, when you closed your eyes, you did NOT see me pee in the tub.
J: (exasperated) Tate, did you pee in the tub?!
T: Did you see me pee in the tub?

*Tate is always doing the "Close your eyes" trick. Usually you do it and he makes a car or a dinosaur "appear." Not always. But there is nothing unusual about the "Close your eyes" request in and of itself.

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Sarah said...

Good one, Bongo! Good one! Then, once he and LJ start bathing together, and you watch in horror as LJ innocently drinks a cup of that water...more exasperation.